I am so Excited!!

A heart in the wall of the Piombi prison in Venezia (Venice).

Ciao a Tutti!

Will and hanging out at the top of St. Marks Basilica! Look how empty it is?!

I have missed all of you so much!

In fact, so much that even though I wasn’t planning on letting the cat out of the bag* yet, I just can’t help myself. I am working on getting the blog back up and running. It is going to be a while before it has full functionality – like, seriously, I want to do it right in a way that I think will make the most sense for all the quirkiness mixed with OCD parts of my brain. Plus, I want to make topics that I enjoy, and that you will enjoy, too!

So, practice a little patience with me over the next year, and it will end up being awesome!

*an excellent idiom that has deep roots of two potential origins – think pig in a poke or cat o’ nine-tails, but I digress

Who doesn’t love a little Blub Art! Many people know Blub is one of my favorites. We found this on in Venezia (Venice)

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