What a Week!

Ciao Amici!

Do you ever have so much going on that you look back a week later and can’t keep it all straight? That is how I feel about this last week. In fact the weekend was so busy that I decided to break my post into two parts, one about the general events that occurred during the week/weekend and one about Saturday. *Spoiler, Saturday was a Venezia (Venice) day! I love that city.

I need to learn to take more pictures during crazy weeks so I can keep up when I try to write about it, but I didn’t so what do you do (I am shrugging here for lack of an emoji)

On Tuesday I told you all about Lake Garda, and honestly I don’t feel like I gave it the justice it deserved but I am sure that Will and I are going to head that way a couple of times this summer so I will try and do better next time.

On Thursday I made the decision to get my own shoppers card at the local supermarket. It is the one that allows you to scan your own groceries and then you just pay at the end, instead of having to go through a regular check out. It is even quicker than self check out because you have already done all the scanning. I went in to the customer service counter with my stomach all fluttery with anxiety. I know it sounds silly but after eighteen months and two different countries I still have freak outs about speaking, you would think I would know by now that I am just going to butcher the language but nope I think I can do this and then my inner child goes, Nope! Prepare to be laughed at!!! Muahahaha!

Now, I know my inner child is an idiot because to this day no one has laughed at me, at least not to my face. But the apprehension remains. Still between my really bad Italian and her much better English we got it figured out. (FYI waving your hand back and forth and saying “scanner beep! Beep!” really doesn’t help, but my brain panicked). All in all I am calling this one a success!

I also made reservations for a group of us to go to dinner (If you want to go out on a Friday or Saturday around here reservations are a must! Otherwise you will not be getting a table). Now, in the nature of full disclosure I have to say up front that the gentleman on the phone spoke English but I had the same conversation with my inner child, in which she wailed that I was trying to starve her and how were we ever going to eat and how was I going to explain to all the people in our group that they were going to starve? What if this turned into the Donner party? And on and on, what a drama queen she is!

What can I say, my inner child is a sadistic idiot. Of course none of this was the case but man, is that kid a loud and whiny voice when I get scared! Some people are lucky, some people have an inner child that is all rainbows and unicorns shouting kumbaya, let’s play twister and have a movie marathon; mine, however, is well versed in psychological terror tactics. Also in full disclosure, I have never let Will, myself, my inner child or anyone else commit cannibalism or starve, which just makes my inner kid a brat!

With reservations in hand, Friday night we met our friends at a restaurant which was supposed to serve German cuisine, I will nicely say they fell far short of this goal. But their uniforms were great, lederhosen and dirndls. The staff was sweet and amusing and the best part of the whole night was when a server came by and said (Now say this in your best late night tv Italian accent)

“Canna I take’a yoor’ platt’a?”

It made the whole evening! Sadly we probably embarrassed the nice man but he was good natured about the ribbing we gave him.


The next day Will and I went to Venice and had a wonderful day! I’ll tell you more about that in another post.

Sunday, I was planning to hike fully loaded but weather made this less than a desirable option. We did get everything out of our packs, lined up what we were going to need, including food and clothing and repacked our bags. Before I add water mine comes in at roughly 36 pounds (a little over 16 kilos for those of us on this side of the pond).

I will honestly say that I am worried about my forty something body being able to haul that weight for four days but Will assures me that we will do whatever makes the most sense, including bailing if the weather and/or hiking weight become unmanageable. Those of you that know me know I am not very good about giving up but as I have gotten older I have become better about knowing my limitations, so we will see which side of me wins in another three weeks.

We ended the day having pizza at one of our favorite restaurants with great friends. I had a little too much wine and my favorite Biancaneve pizza (white pizza with tomato and rucola, yum!) Then it was home just in time to get ready for another week and bed.

All in all a fantastic week!!


Until our next adventure,

Ciao Amici!  


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