Even small adventures make for a great week!

Ciao Amici,

Week two of writing on the blog, crazy I know, but I have a plan. A schedule even, colored coded and indexed on Google drive worksheets and it tells me today is blog day… so here I am ready to tell you all about our adventures over the last week.

Last week was a culmination of Easter weekend and April Fool’s Day. In Italy it means a four day weekend for most folks and you better believe that there will be no stores of any kind open on Easter Sunday or Easter Monday. ( I was told Sunday is for family and Monday is for friends). Ours was a quiet holiday but our neighbors had a houseful most of the weekend.

I did attempt my first tiramisu from scratch, ladyfingers and all, but first let me tell you about our Friday adventure.

On our way to the local grocery store two polizia waved red paddles at me and motioned for me to pull over. One of them came up to the window and asked for my papers (honestly he asked in Italian and I just surmised that he wanted the same thing a police officer anywhere else would want). I handed him my drivers license, American and Italian, and the car’s registration, followed by “Parle Inglese?” He shook his head no and I took a deep breath hoping that I would understand enough to get through this encounter. He asked for my insurance, and Will (sitting next to me) who has a much better linguistic ear caught the word for insurance and handed over the last necessary paper.

After several minutes of conversation between the officer and his partner the partner came up to the car and in broken english (which was much better than my italian since all I had said was Parle inglese) told us that our insurance didn’t show up when they ran our plates. As far as we can tell the police have a camera that runs the plates of passing cars, alerting the officers when a car needs a second look, apparently I needed a second look. It would seem that until we figure out why the insurance doesn’t link to my registration I may be getting pulled over a lot, Yikes!!

Saturday was a rainy day here in northern Italy, we decided to visit a garden center. I have been hankering for more houseplants and fresh herbs since I gave roughly a dozen of my plants away before we moved down to Italy. The garden center was beautiful.

*From cacti to succulents, with a fair amount of other greenery thrown in the whole center was beautiful*

Plants were grouped by types and at the end of a row of plants was a neat pile of the appropriate potting soil for the plants in that particular row.




*They have an entire section dedicated to Bonsai*

The herbs and vegetables looked well tended. But for me the real joy was when Will decided to buy me a lemon tree! I have always wanted my own lemon tree!

*Jake wondering why I keep taking his picture as he peeks through the balcony door*

I named him Murphy Meyer (don’t even know if he is a meyer lemon tree but I like the name). Murphy is now hanging out at our balcony door so I can put him out during the day and move him in during the night, at least for a couple more weeks and then he will be an outdoor lemon tree until fall!

We actually got out of the garden center pretty cheap considering I bought, herbs, lavender, a couple of small houseplants, potting soil, and Murphy. I know we need to make a return trip or two. Sorry, Will!

Saturday evening was for emergency pizza and starting tiramisu. So many parts to it that I was overwhelmed but in true Karyn fashion I plunged ahead, all the while having no clue what I was doing. I chose the hardest recipe in Jul’s Kitchen recipe repertoire. Or maybe it just seemed like the hardest.


I see you nodding your head saying, of course you did.

As many of you that have experienced Karyn cooking at her finest, some of what I make is delicious, some is edible, some of it nobody but the trash can has ever seen. However, I moved forward making the zabaglione and the vanilla pastry cream and setting them to chill for the night. My opinion after making these parts –  man I need a double boiler, or at least a bowl that fits into my pan better. I would finish making the parts and assemble the final product for Easter leftover dinner.

After all the rain on Saturday, Sunday was a perfection of blue skies and bright sunshine. It was a little breezy but not overly so. I started laundry and with a couple of loads on the outside line and my savoiardi/ladyfingers baked we decided to go for a walk. The Scotland trip is a mere 50 days away and I feel unprepared.

*A plastic baggies is a perfect substitute when you don’t have a pastry bag*

 *The church in a neighboring village*

The day was made for walking and we followed the river trail by our house, it is really flat but we need to put some walking miles in and when our packs arrive we will be doing that walking with our loaded packs. What I concluded after a quick 3 miles was we live in a beautiful region of Italy and I am happy for the adventures that we have had and the ones that await us. Back home for left overs and tiramisu soup. All in all a great week!


*Tiramisu soup, but it tasted rich and creamy, so now I just have to figure out how to make it set*


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