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Ciao Amici!

I know this is not the first time, or even the second time, you have seen an opening post from me. Like many beginning bloggers, I get started and then I get side tracked; and damn, I would really like to say that isn’t going to happen again but those of you who know me know what happens when I get an idea in my head. What I can say is for better or worse here I go again. Karyn blogging version 8.6

The problem is my life has been so exciting… I mean really exciting and when your plate is full of adventure it is hard to take the time to sit down and write, but now Will and I are in year two of living in Europe (That’s right, Europe! And I say Europe because we just moved to a new country in January, but I will get to that.)

With it being year two I have made some adjustments. Nope, I don’t have the language thing down, (see the above comment about moving to another country) but I have mastered some of my fears and expectations. Will and I are finally finding a rhythm, a crazy fun filled one, but a rhythm nonetheless and I am hoping (with all my fingers crossed) that means that I will have more time this year to write. Not just this blog but also the book I have been working on.*

Let me explain the craziness of the whole thing… first, in November of 2016 Will and I moved to Germany. I thought I was ready. I convinced myself I was ready and then BAM!!  Culture shock! One of the hardest things for me was grocery shopping. Even though many of the foods were the same, (let’s face it no matter what they call it chicken is chicken in any country, the same with corn, or beans, etc.) I was frightened that I would not be able to feed us. Really terrified we would starve. Will and I would go to shop and I would end up paralyzed in an aisle crying and hyperventilating. Will would find me  and I would tell him in anguished tones “We are never going to eat again! We will starve to death because I can’t find any food in the grocery store!” and then we would leave until I could try again. A completely irrational fear, it was a grocery store and peanut butter and honey is available in almost every country but it took me several attempts at shopping before I would stop shaking. I still feel overwhelmed when I shop.

We were lucky that our first European stop was Germany because Will had been there for roughly nine years of his life and he spoke German very well.

Don’t let him fool you, he would say Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch (I speak a little German). I think he should say Ich spreche sehr gut Deutsch (I speak German very well). Regardless of his feelings about mastering the language he was able to navigate our move with much more ease than I did.

Now fast forward 13 months to December of 2017, we accepted a position in Italy. We were moving again, still in Europe but a new country, a new language, a new set of cultural norms. This time I was excited in a different way. I will also mention that a childish part of me was thrilled that we were moving somewhere where Will would be as lost as I was going to be (I am such a mean wife). Long story short, don’t ever, and I mean never, move at Christmas time. WOW! That was overwhelming. Add to the chaos of moving the fact that my daughter had her first child. Will and I became grandparents to an adorable little guy on December 22, we call him The Finnrito! 

So, we moved to Italy, I was there one day and flew back to the states to stay with my daughter and meet our grandson. Will stayed behind (in the hotel) with our two cats, Jake and Moo, our clothes, and plants. He really did get the short end of the stick on this one. While I was gone he found us a fabulous place to live and some great new friends. I flew back just in time to move into the new place and our furniture was delivered a week later. The cats were very happy to have their household goods back, Will and I were pleased also.

Now that you are caught up to our present life I feel I can move forward with our adventures. I can say we have a lot of them, from learning about squat toilets and bidets (search YouTube for hilarious videos of both) to searching through city streets at 3 in the afternoon for food because I am a hangry kind of person.

Old cities, new adventures, oh and we decided to backpack the coast of Scotland for four days in May with some friends. Lots and lots going on that I can’t wait to share with you.

I hope that I will be able to keep up the blogging process for my sake and yours.

Until next week,


*sorry everyone that has supported my writing endeavors, it is not another Mel book.


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